Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Carrie Lorentz

January 09, 2024

Carrie has discovered the power of digital note taking her high school caseload. She loves being able to type at the speed she is thinking when working with students in real time, & running reports.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Carrie Lorentz, SLP, Miriam High School

Carrie Lorentz: Hi, my name is Carrie Lorentz and I am a speech language pathologist and I work in a high school with mostly autistic kids. I just wanted to mention that I really love SLP Toolkit. It has really helped me to become more organized and to become a better clinician. There are so many features out there that I really love.

Carrie Lorentz: I was using paper all the time and I'm a very much a paper girl. But, I realized that I couldn't write down my notes fast enough. So I started taking my own notes on the computer, I guess a couple of years ago, and then when I found out about SLP Toolkit, I thought this is awesome because I can type my notes in while I'm working with the kids and I can get all my thoughts down about each of the individual kids. And then it's also really great because I can go back and I can click on the report tab and it's just so awesome to be able to see all the notes together in one place for each goal.

Carrie Lorentz: I would just highly recommend SLP Toolkit. It's a fabulous way to keep track of your data to get ready for ILPs, to become a better clinician... it's just really fabulous.

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