Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Ellen Silva

January 18, 2022

Having all the information at her fingertips allows Ellen, an SLP of 26 years, to focus on her students. She has more time and a better work life balance as a result of using SLP Toolkit.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ellen Silva

Ellen Silva: Hi my name is Ellen Silva and I'm a speech pathologist in the public schools. I've been working in the schools for 26 years. Throughout the years I've tried really hard to remain organized and find the perfect solution to data collection, progress monitoring, billing, and it just seems like as the years go by there are never enough hours in the day. So this year I decided to invest in myself and invest in SLP Toolkit. I cannot begin to tell you the amount of time that SLP Toolkit has saved for me. It has provided me with tools for progress monitoring. It has given me the tools for billing. It has saved me so much time in terms of billing. I am no longer someone who gets behind. I find that the format is easy to use and everyday I discover some new feature of it. And what I really love about SLP Toolkit is that in having all this information right at my fingertips, I have a level of focus on my students' needs and goals and objectives that I've always attempted to have in the past but I never have. I strongly suggest you invest in SLP Toolkit and invest in yourself. I don't think you'll regret it one bit. It has changed really my professional life and my personal life. Have a good day.

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