Be Your Best with SLP Toolkit - Katie Corey

November 09, 2021

After 2 years of only using the Progress Monitoring and Present Level Assessment features, Katie decided to go all-in on Toolkit. Using the full suite of tools has been a lifesaver.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Katie Corey, SLP, Bertie County Schools

Katie Corey: Hi, my name is Katie and I am in a school and have worked in the school system now for 21 years.

Katie Corey: But this year I decided I would go all in, I would use SLP Toolkit for data collection and writing goals and doing everything that it can do for you. And I have to say I've had the largest caseload that I've had in a long time. And I am more productive and more efficient and up to date on my Medicaid billing and doing all the things that I need to do to plan effective therapy and to be a great therapist. And part of that is because of SLP Toolkit. So I am so thankful to SLP Toolkit and I will never ever work somewhere without having access to it.

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