Conita D. - SleepTest.com Testimonial

February 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Conita D.

Why did you get a sleep test done?

Conita D.: I was having some heart issues but testing did not show anything of concern. So my cardiologist referred me to a sleep solutions doctor to get a sleep study done.

How was your overall experience with SleepTest.com?

Conita D.: I had a good experience with SleepTest.com. They were very quick in sending me the testing device. They, the directions were very clear, easy to use and I, it was easy to get their device back and they were very quick in getting the results of my test back to me.

Would you recommend SleepTest.com to others?

Conita D.: I would absolutely recommend SleepTest.com to others. I love that I didn't have to go away and try and sleep somewhere else to do this study. The price was reasonable and it was so easy.

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