Christine Z. - SleepTest.com Testimonial

February 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Christine Z.

Why did you get a sleep test done?

Christine Z.: Hi, I got the sleep test done because I haven't been sleeping well for years and I went to my head and neck doctor and he suggested me get a sleep test and I did. It was simple, easy and come to find out I have mild sleep apnea. Getting a sleep device really helped getting some sleep. And I'm feeling more refreshed every morning.

How was your overall experience with SleepTest.com?

Christine Z.: My overall experience with SleepTest.com was great, easy to make an appointment quick and easy to talk to the doctors to set up the test, return the test and set up the appointment quick and easy to get the results. Everything was sent over to my doctors and I'm feeling better.

Would you recommend SleepTest.com to others?

Christine Z.: I would absolutely recommend SleepTest.com to others. It beats going into a doctor's appointment and waiting and doing sleep studies in there. This was they sent me the device quick and easy to set up at home. Put it on, went to sleep, take it off the next morning, do it the next night in the comfort of my own home. Easy peasy and then send it back.

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