Clyde L. Patient Testimonial

March 16, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Clyde Benjamin Langner

Why did you get a sleep test done?

Clyde Benjamin Langner: I had the sleep test done because I was tired of feeling with the CPAP machine. It was come person, and when I travel, having to deal with the carrying the distilled water, and just the bulk of machine itself made it a whole lot easier.

How was your overall experience with SleepTest.com?

Clyde Benjamin Langner: So far, my experience has been real good with the sleep test because the test went fine. I qualified, and I'm just now waiting for the advice my device to come in, so I'm looking forward to using it and enjoying it. Hopefully.

Would you recommend SleepTest.com to others?

Clyde Benjamin Langner: Yeah, I'm recommending sleep test to my wife, who is also a CPAP. She's going through a process right now where she can't take the test, but soon she will be able to and and I'm hoping that she'll get on it and we'll both have good results.

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