Terry S. - SleepTest.com Testimonial

February 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Terry S.

Why did you get a sleep test done?

Terry S.: I had no idea that I needed a sleep test, um didn't snore that I was aware of until I went to my dentist, and she said, based on the small opening in the back of my throat, that it probably would be a good idea. So that's why I decided to go ahead and follow through with her suggestion that I have a sleep test done.

How was your overall experience with SleepTest.com?

Terry S.: SleepTest.com was extremely easy to use. The items come in a box through the mail along with a pamphlet that's detailed but extremely easy to follow. You hook yourself up, which takes maybe 10 minutes. You do that for two nights in a row, then you box it all back up and send it back through the mail. I had my results in a week. It didn't disrupt my normal day to day routine and it was certainly easy to use, so I would highly recommend it.

Would you recommend SleepTest.com to others?

Terry S.: I will definitely recommend SleepTest.com to my family and friends. There's already a history of sleep apnea in my family. So for my three grown children, it'll be something that I definitely recommend that they do. To be able to do it in your home without going out to a sleep test center and spending the night I think is well worth doing. As far as any friends, if I should hear that they are talking about having to have a sleep test done, I will heartily recommend that they do SleepTest.com.

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