Judson G. - SleepTest.com Testimonial

February 09, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Judson G.

Why did you get a sleep test done?

Judson G.: I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea and I just couldn't use the CPAP machine. And so I talked to my dentist and he had made an, an appliance that was worn in my mouth to move the jaw forward. And I wanted to see if that was actually working and and had alleviated the apnea. And that is why I had my test done.

How was your overall experience with SleepTest.com?

Judson G.: I had the experience of using a home study sleep test through another medical service, and this was much easier. It came through the mail. I didn't have to go pick it up and then after the study was done, I could mail it back in. I didn't have to return it the next day. Early in the morning as I had to with the first sleep study. I found this much more compatible with a home study.

Would you recommend SleepTest.com to others?

Judson G.: I would recommend the sleep test through SleepTest.com, simply because it's of its ease of use and it's comfort within the home, and the directions were simple enough that I could follow them. And if you encounter any problems which I did with some of the lights, they have help there to help you through the process and double-check everything to make sure that you're recording is adequate.

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