Yasmine's experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

September 01, 2023

Yasmine's experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

Video Transcript

Speaker: Yasmine N.

Could you describe your experience at Skinsation Aesthetics?

Yasmine N.: This was my first time getting a facial. So I was a bit nervous going into it. But the second I met Mary, I knew I was going to have such a positive experience. She's such a kind, warm soul and she made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process.

How would you describe Skinsation Aesthetics in three words?

Yasmine N.: Three words that I would use to describe sensation, aesthetics would definitely be relaxing, clean and memorable.

Why is Skinsation Aesthetics different from other spa service providers?

Yasmine N.: I would say that my experience with Marriott sensation aesthetics compared to my friends' experiences at other spas would be that Mary is very personable and I just had, you know, an amazing time and I felt very welcomed. I've heard my friends experiences at other places and they felt like they were being judged or, you know, they felt bad for asking questions and being nervous about the service that they were going in for. But Mary was very personable and very kind and I never felt judged once.

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