Nikki's experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

September 20, 2023

Nikki's experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nikki

Could you describe your experience at Skinsation Aesthetics?

Nikki: I loved my experience at Sensation Aesthetics. Mary was so kind and welcoming and warm and she made me feel super comfortable. I did the micro needling treatment and I was so nervous going into it. But Mary assured me that it'll all be fine and any issues that I have, I can come to her and we'll figure it out. So yes, I would definitely recommend all my friends to go there.

How would you describe Skinsation Aesthetics in three words?

Nikki: Three words I would use to describe skin station aesthetics would be therapeutic, hygienic, and welcoming.

Why is Skinsation Aesthetics different from other spa service providers?

Nikki: I would say what makes sensation, aesthetic stand out from other spots that I've been to would be that the place itself is really cute. It's girly. She's neon lights everywhere. Like it's really nice and aesthetic and Mary herself is really knowledgeable about the service that she does and she explains everything to you before, like every step that she's doing, she tells you so, you know, when you're not nervous, if it's your first time, which it was for me. Um So yeah, just very welcoming and she re reassures you a lot that everything will be good and your skin will be clear by the end of everything.

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