Mel L's experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

August 02, 2023

Mel L. describes her experience at Skinsation Aesthetics London

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mel L.

Could you describe your experience at Skinsation Aesthetics?

Mel L.: My experience was absolutely amazing. Um, it was relaxing. Uh Mary was super professional and I was able to see results right away.

How would you describe Skinsation Aesthetics in three words?

Mel L.: Professional warming and absolutely fabulous.

Why is Skinsation Aesthetics different from other spa service providers?

Mel L.: What makes sensation, aesthetic stand out from any other spa is Mary. Uh, she's so professional. She's so comforting. Um, she really makes you feel like you're at home and she really wants you to be comfortable and I've done seven sessions now with my laser treatment and every time I go, I really don't feel nervous or scared. Um, just knowing that Mary is there and makes everything so comforting is exactly what I need.

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