Fernanda's Skin Culture Peel Review

April 28, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Fernanda, Brazil

Please rate our product on a 5 star scale and tell us why you gave that rating?

Fernanda, Brazil: Hi guys, for sure I give 5 Stars for Skin Culture Peels. My skin used to be very oily with a lot of acne and after with a lot of acne scars, and after using (the peel), oh my God, my skin got so much better and you can treat both. You know, the scars and the acne. And also the skin tone is like a new skin that is born after the treatment. So I really, really recommend it. I love, I really love Skin Culture Peels.

How long have you been a Skin Culture customer?

Fernanda, Brazil: Well, I'm a customer since 2013, and they are very truthful. They can answer all your questions and this makes it so like comfortable, you know, so they can respond to all your doubts and you feel secure with their product.

Would you recommend others try a Skin Culture Peel? Why?

Fernanda, Brazil: I really recommend you guys to try the Skin Culture Peels. They are the best for acne scars, to uneven skin tones. You know, to dark spots to wrinkles. I think at least once a year you have to use, but you can see it's so good, it's so good. You will really see a big transformation, and your skin's really worth it. I really, really recommended it. Try it now!

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