#GivingTuesday - Donohue Family SkillPointe Scholarship Story

November 29, 2023

On #GivingTuesday, please consider helping more students like Zeta afford training for the high-demand skills both they and America need to thrive. Details/Donate at: www.skillpointefoundation.org

Video Transcript

Speakers: Zeta Dowdy

Zeta Dowdy: Hello. I'm Zeta Dowdy. I just wanted to take a minute today to say thank you to the SkillPointe Foundation. My Donohue SkillPointe scholarship has been tremendous in helping me find success in my cardiac sonography program. The financial weight that the scholarship lifted from me has really allowed me to focus on my classes, really getting the most out of my clinical rotations and even studying for and passing my board exams. I'm getting ready to graduate in a few weeks and I already have a couple of job offers. All of this would have been much more difficult and maybe even unattainable without the scholarship.

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