Kristie Heintz - Scholarship Video

July 11, 2023

The Home Depot Foundation Path to Pro Female Scholarship by The SkillPointe Foundation recipient Kristie Heintz reflects on her pursuit of HVAC as a woman and single mom.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kristie Heintz

Please share how The Home Depot Foundation Path to Pro Scholarship by SkillPointe Foundation will impact you.

Kristie Heintz: So being a woman going into a male driven industry (HVAC) is a bit difficult at times. It seems that I am constantly trying to prove myself and showcase the things that I can do right and let everybody know that I am capable of succeeding in this field. So when I received this scholarship, it was another affirmation to let me know that I should continue on with my goals and not second guess myself and keep blazing this trail to make it possible for other women out there to see that they can really achieve their goals. And you know, you can do hard things because we can and we're strong enough to do it! Thank you so much, again, for the scholarship.

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