Kevin Jacobus Scholarship Testimonial

September 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin Jacobus

Kevin Jacobus: So for the folks who have made this scholarship possible, not everybody maybe knows, but there's a real need for more people to enter the trades. And um, you know, for many years, shop classes in high schools have gone by the wayside. So I'm here at North Bennett Street School in Boston is one of the oldest trade, is the oldest trade school in the, in the country. And, you know, just a great program and folks that have made the Home Depot Foundation scholarship possible are basically, making it easier for students to afford the tuition and, you know, be able to get some great skills in the trades and turn around and, continue to build housing and, and commercial structures for in and around the, the new England region and the United States. So, again, appreciate the help. It's been a huge, plus to, to really enable me to come to this program and be successful. So thank you again.

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