Julie Luu - Home Depot Foundation SkillPointe Scholarship Recipient

December 02, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Julie Luu

Julie Luu: Hello, my name is Julie Luu and I recently earned a scholarship with the Home Depot and SkillPointe Foundations. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the opportunity. This is helping me invest in my career by buying new tools because we constantly have to buy tools and new booths and as well as helping me invest in my education. At the moment I am studying for my safety certifications in order to be a safety professional and my background is, I've been in the industry for four years. I was a labor, then I became a carpenter under interior systems and that's specializing in drywall framing. And then at the moment an opportunity came up to be a designated safety professional. So that is my current track. I would definitely encourage anybody who is looking for a career where they are constantly growing, constantly being challenged physically and mentally, and definitely would push you towards this industry if this is something that you're definitely looking for. Again, thank you so much. Home Depot Foundation and SkillPointe and good luck to anybody else who is taking on construction.

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