Enrique Hamilton - Scholarship Stories

January 25, 2024

Video Transcript


ENRIQUE HAMILTON: Hello, my name is Enrique Hamilton. I applied for the scholarship on SkillPointe and the question is, how it will help. It will for sure. The first thing is that you make my dream come true, which is a big thing I think. Because with the help that you guys provide, I'm gonna be able to go to school. I have a piece of mind that I have to work that hard to pay the bill that, you know, I was spending, which is a lot of help for like people like us or like me, at least that I'm trying to, you know, quit my job, trying to, you know, pursue a career, trying to become an inspiration. And what you guys did was really, really, really, really, really, really, really helpful. So don't, don't take your job for granted or you make a, you make a lot of impact on people's life like me. So I'm thankful for my family too and And you change, you change, you know, you change my life and I wait because I don't have to, now I can just focus and do my homework as just a student. You know, just try to do the best. I can't when you have a bill on, you know, the top of your head. It's kind of hard to do that. So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you again so much and please keep helping people. That's a, that's a really good thing. Thank you so much.

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