Delwin Hernandez for Scholarship Stories

December 11, 2023

Hear how this Veteran will be able to use this scholarship to further his education/career path in the skilled trades.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Delwin Hernandez

Please introduce yourself and share how the Schneider Electric SkillPointe Scholarship will help you pursue your goals.

Delwin Hernandez: Hello, my name is Darwin. I'm a 35 year old veteran out of New Jersey. I'm pursuing the trade on becoming an electrician. I want to thank Schneider Electric for giving me the opportunity with the scholarship. The scholarship will actually help me out in pursuing my education to further educate myself even more on the trade. Just wanna thank you guys.

What would you like to say to Schneider Electric for making this scholarship possible?

Delwin Hernandez: I would like to thank Schneider Electric for this opportunity and the scholarship because it gives us an opportunity to continue furthering our education and to get better at the trade. So when we're out in the field, we're more confident with, with our work.

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