Calvin Kirchhoff Scholarship Testimonial

September 15, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Calvin Kirchhoff

Calvin Kirchhoff: To all the donors who made the scholarship possible really big thank you for, you know, helping students in their education. It feels good when other people will support that and see the value in that as well as you. So thank you so much. and another thing is just that obviously it feels great to receive a scholarship. So thank you, but I know that it feels a lot better, I think, to be giving of those resources. So thank you for giving, and for for sacrificing some of what you guys make in order to allow students to succeed at what they do. And I know that a lot of sources say that when you give you'll be given back and plentiful. So I'm looking forward to doing that with my resources as I grow up. But thank you for making this scholarship possible.

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