Brou Kablan - Home Depot Foundation Scholar

December 02, 2022

Brou Kablan thanks The Home Depot Foundation for the scholarship that will enable him to pursue his dream in construction trades: becoming an electrician.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Brou Kablan

Please share your personal story and how The Home Depot Scholarship impacts you and your future.

Brou Kablan: Hello, I'm Brou Kablan I really thank you for this opportunity that you gave me to achieve my goal. Yes. Yes, I'm very, very happy. I'm very, very happy and honored to receive The Home Depot Foundation by SkillPointe Scholarship. Yes. Finance. is an issue. A deficit has been one of my major issues that I've encounter since I started my career in electrical, so receiving a base of support from you will very, very help me to achieve my goal and living my passion. Yes, so I'm very, very happy. And I thank you for your generosity. Thank you.

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