Anna Mosby - Home Depot/SkillPointe Foundation Scholarship Recipient (2022)

January 05, 2023

Testimonial from Home Depot Foundation Path to Pro Scholarship by SkillPointe Foundation recipient in the construction field pursuing a skilled trades career pathway.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Anna Mosby

Anna Mosby : Hello. So I've actually been interested in joining the construction field for a very long time, since I was small. However, I was super intimidated for a long time because it is a male- dominated field. The one person that was super supportive of me joining the construction field was my mom. She was my best friend. In 2018, she lost her battle with mental health and she did commit suicide. Even though it was hard on me, that was the motivation that I needed to just go ahead and branch out and take that leap of faith and do what I know I wanted to do in life, so I packed everything that I could fit in my car. I relocated from southern Virginia to Maryland, where I live now. Since then I've been working multiple jobs - two or three jobs - just trying to get adjusted because I am here by myself. I don't have any family in this area. My mom was really the only family that I had so I finally decided to once again take a leap of faith and start school. I knew the payments were going to be hard for me but I just kept hearing my mom's voice, just telling me, "You can do it. Any obstacle that is gonna come to your way, even if it is financial, you know it's gonna be okay, this is gonna work itself out because it's what you're meant to do." Crazy enough, I did start school this semester and I have been paying out of pocket for school and I had to get a second job to pay for those school payments. With working already a full time job at a construction company and going to school full time, it has been super difficult trying to manage my time and also focus on my grades. So this scholarship is going to allow me to quit my part time job so that I can focus on my full time job at the construction company because I work here as an apprentice. So I am still learning and focusing on my grades. So, I'm super, super happy. Thank you so much, Home Depot.

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