Adrian Fernandez - Schneider Electric SkillPointe Scholarship Recipient-2022

December 14, 2023

Adrian Fernandez shares his thoughts upon receiving a scholarship award from Schneider Electric and the SkillPointe Foundation. Learn more at www.skillpointefoundation.org.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Adrian Fernandez

Adrian Fernandez: Hello, My name is Adrian Fernandez. I am a student at the New York City College of Technology and I'm currently studying mechanical engineering. I'm really grateful for this scholarship. It's gonna be a lot of help. I've been put in the predicament before where my classes would be placed on hold because I wouldn't have enough money to pay my tuition in time. So there've been times where my courses have been dropped and I pretty much wouldn't be able to continue my studies until I begin a payment plan and I'm really grateful to not have to worry about that going forward.

Adrian Fernandez: I just want to say thank you to everyone at Schneider Electric and thank you to everyone at the SkillPointe Foundation. I wouldn't be able to finish out the semester without you guys. It's been really, really tough to pay my tuition and continue to live a normal life and be able to focus on my studies without the help of any scholarships or whatnot. But I couldn't be more grateful for you guys. I really appreciate you guys. Thank you so much.

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