Ruby Mimosa - Silk Pillowcase Testimonial

May 16, 2023

Ruby Mimosa shares why she is obsessed with Sin in Linen's new silk pillowcases. A fan of our stylish, designer bedding and home decor since 2006, Ruby is thrilled with the benefits of silk for sleep.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ruby, Silk Pillowcase OBSESSED

Ruby: Hey, babes, let's talk silk pillowcases. I've been wanting a silk pillowcase for a while now and I was so excited when my favorite company c and linen came out with their very own silk pillowcase. The benefits are amazing. I have been finding that my hair has been a lot healthier and smoother and silkier. And one of my favorite benefits is that my hormonal acne, which was causing me a lot of grief has cleared up exponentially. I'm just wowed by it. I've been using Cinna Linen since 2006 and I just love their products so much. They are luxurious, soft, sexy, feminine, high quality and I feel like a princess in bed. I'm obsessed. Yes.

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