Tracy Lay for Member Stories

May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tracy Lay, Humana

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

Tracy Lay: Hi, I'm Tracy. I just want to let you know about my experience with simple therapy. It has definitely been a game changer for me. I started the program with very bad lower back pain. Each morning I was getting out of bed in pain, walking around in pain, which limited my mobility and activity. I was seeing a chiropractor which was helping, but I felt like I needed to be there at least once a week. I heard about simple therapy through my employer. I signed up right away and met with coach Ryan. We set up a program that I've been able to maintain for over 36 weeks. I do two sessions a week for about 15-20 minutes and any discomfort I was feeling dissipates immediately or within 24 hours. The exercises are not difficult as my body adjusts. New exercises are added to maintain the progress I've made. I'm so grateful for simple therapy in the team.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

Tracy Lay: Three words to describe simple therapy services, first caring coach Ryan and the team reach out to me to make sure I'm doing well. And if I need any assistance or tweaks, second personalized, my care plan is specifically for me as I complete the sessions, I'm able to record notes at the end as to how I'm feeling and what did or didn't work for me? These notes help them create future sessions. Finally, I can do my sessions anywhere I have internet access, that means sessions can be done in the privacy of my home or anywhere.

Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

Tracy Lay: Would I recommend simple therapy to others? Absolutely. I was really amazed how quickly my body responded to the exercises and it let me know when I needed to do them again. It's really easy to get started, takes little time and I feel supported by the care team. There are helpful tips at the end of each session and other resources to read within the app. Simple therapy is worth it.

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