Linda Hale for Member Stories

May 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Linda Hale, _Business Owner, Embroidery Treasures

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

Linda Hale: Hi, my name is linda. I was introduced to the simple therapy app on my phone through my husband's insurance company. I was encountering a lot of pain in my joints and I was having some issues that I didn't really think that my doctor would be able to help me with. I didn't want to take pills. I just wanted some simple exercises. So when his insurance introduced to me this simple therapy program for free through his insurance, I was very eager to try it and for the short time that I was allowed to have the app and have the information. I loved it. It helped me tremendously and I truly appreciate the app.

Linda Hale: it was extremely or tremendously helpful, and I highly recommend it.

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

Linda Hale: I believe the three words that would describe simple therapy would be healing because they give you the right exercises for every area that you are in need. There are simple to complex, depending on what your needs are. I would also say remedy would be another word. So this is an alternate choice instead of medication, which I think is a far better option and probably cure because it totally took care of my aches and pains.

Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

Linda Hale: I highly recommend simple therapy. It took care of every need or concern that I had. It gave me options for my pain levels, starting at a simple rate, to a complex rate. And it totally helped me, and I would highly recommend it.

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