Angela Dozier | Humana

March 08, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: AngelaDozier, UM Reviewer, Humana

Please introduce yourself, then share your experience with SimpleTherapy Inc.

AngelaDozier: Hi, my name is Renee Dozer and I've been participating in the Simple therapy program for a couple of months now. The very stretches I do, they target areas of pain tightness that I've had in the past. The videos, they're, they're easy to follow their step by step instructions. You can actually see the instructors performing the exercises during the session, which I really like that. Um There's a way after I'm finished with my session, I can rate each exercise that I did and how I felt about it. And the program will then tailor an individual plan or tweak my plan just just for me make it individualized, which I really like that too. I felt really good after my simple therapy workouts. Um The workouts, they fit into my busy schedule, um stretching, performing the range of motion exercises are more important than ever. Just to keep to optimize my movements. As I get older, my pain levels have actually decreased. After just a couple of months of participating in the program. I highly recommend this program to anyone

Choose three words that describe our services and why.

AngelaDozier: The three words that I would pick two So to describe simple therapy is flexible, effective and relaxed, flexible because I can work the sessions in any time during my day. Um They're short enough that you can just get them done, you can work work them in your day even if you're busy effective. My pain levels have actually decreased since I've started the program uh and also relaxed. After I finished my simple therapy sessions, I feel very relaxed. Um it just feels good to stretch. Um So those are the three words that I would pick.

Would you recommend our services to others? Why?

AngelaDozier: I would definitely recommend simple therapy to anyone who just wants to keep active, to keep to to be pain free, um to to maybe have your pain lesson and and target areas that the program we'll set up individual exercises and stretching for you. Um I've noticed a difference just after participating for a couple of months, and just as I get older, I want to keep my range of motion um and and my my flexibility, I want to I want to keep all that because I want to be active, and this program is wonderful for doing that. It's easy you can work it in your day, um and it's effective.

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