Rod G. for Simily

November 21, 2022

Testimonial of Simily

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rod Gilley

How has Simily helped you?

Rod Gilley: Hi, I'm Rod Gilly. I'm a writer. I'm not on facebook, I'm just not a fan but I am on twitter and youtube. But from what I've seen, the population of writers on both their sites is kind of small compared to their overall worlds. So where can a writer go to hang out with other writers similar dot co. This is a really neat site full of writers of all levels of experience. You upload your stories and get feedback from the other writers. They upload, they upload their stories and you can comment and share your thoughts on their writing. I once called it facebook for writers. Another great thing about the site is that it's monetized. So whenever someone reads one of your stories, you make a little money. You're not likely to get rich. But hey, these days, every dollar counts. So come and check it out. I think you're really like similar dot Co. It's a friendly site with a whole lot of writers. The site is growing very well and I hope I'll see you there

How would you describe Simily in three words?

Rod Gilley: Mhm. Okay, there's a question on here that says how would you describe similarly in three words Okay, facebook for writers Yeah.

Why is Simily different from other writing and publishing platforms?

Rod Gilley: Yeah. Why is similarly different from other writing and publishing platforms, in my experience on the site. Um Well, almost any writing platform, the writers on there are all about trying to get the money for every view or every read or however that site may pay them. And you know, I'm not knocking anybody for trying to make a buck, but you know, you can make a buck if you sell something on amazon. What I love about similarly is there is a good population of writers there who want to be better writers who want to improve their craft. And even morgue to me, a great benefit of being on similar dot co is a lot of those writers want to help other writers improve their craft, so it's a great fit for me and I think it would be a great fit for you because of course I'm very serious about my writing and I want to make my writing the best it can be. And in addition to that, I really want to help other writers because I know how hard it is and about, in my personal experience, there's not a lot of places to turn to get any help, so it's really cool that the community on similarly dot Co there there, you know, some are there to make a buck like any other site, but a lot of writers on there really care about their craft and really care about helping other writers improve their skills. And that's something I think sets similar dot Co apart from any other site and makes it extremely worth the small cost. you really ought to check it out.

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