Customer Testimonial from Kamilah G

January 23, 2024

Event Coordinator, Kamilah G. from Black Cat Groove Entertainment LLC gives Silent Sound System a testimonial!

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kamilah S Gonzalez, Event Coordinator, Black Cat Groove Entertainment LLC

How did you learn about, or first experience, Silent Sound System

Kamilah S Gonzalez: I learned about Silent Sound System by just looking it up on Google. I was looking to purchase Silent Disco equipment and I started researching a couple of companies that came up and the one that stood out to me the most was Silent Sound System.

What do you use Silent Sound System for?

Kamilah S Gonzalez: I use Silent Sound System for my own business where I throw theme parties and have up and coming artists Deejay. So far I've had been at a club, open area where it was a small festival and so on. And I also think I've had a private event also. Rent it out and everything has gone well.

What made you decide to go with Silent Sound System?

Kamilah S Gonzalez: What made me go with Silent Sound System was that they had the option to customize your order. And they were also very attentive with answering any questions. They have a very detailed questionnaire where any kinds of questions you may have about the equipment itself are answered. I also was very appreciative of the 10% discount that I got during Black Friday for being a Military Member. And I also just love that they were able to put my business as a partner under the organization, so that was very lovely. And having the stickers of my own business on the Silent Disco headphones was awesome. So that's what made me more inclined to purchase.

Best/favorite feature of the system?

Kamilah S Gonzalez: My favorite feature is the headphones itself. I love that the headphones just have a great base system. It's very easy to turn up, turn down the volume. I like that. They also have different colors and it's a lot easier to distinguish what channel you're listening to by the channel colors. So I really loved about that and the fact of how compact they are and how they are able to fold easily into the box. It just made it a lot more organized and easier to separate and clean whenever it's needed.

Would you recommend Silent Sound System to others?

Kamilah S Gonzalez: I would 100% recommend Silent Sound System. A lot of people love these headphones every event that I've had, I've got good compliments on the sound itself and how nice they are on. Just putting them on your head. They're not uncomfortable at all. So that is a huge plus, I definitely recommend and I love how awesome you guys are with being attentive and answering any questions and how easy it is to also purchase replacements. So I would definitely recommend.

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