Hector De Santiago

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Hector De Santiago, Virtual Shotz

How has Show & Tour helped you?

Hector De Santiago: Show and tour has been a game changer for our business. Not only does it save us time in the back end and for our deliverables, it also gives us a little bit more of a professional look which, you know, clients love how easy and seamless the back end is and how easy it is to build websites, how to add, um you know, your 3d tours and all that, the back end is pretty user friendly too. You know, it doesn't really take much even without instructions to figure out how to get it to go and especially the white labeling, which, you know, separates, you know, us from some of our competition of, you know, making it look like, you know, it's our company, our deliverables, our back end by being able to white label and put our logos and all that. And, you know, it's, it's, it really helps us tie in all the professional photos and high quality photos and videos we're doing for our clients, you know, and making that uh seamless with our deliverables also high quality premium look and feel. So love show and tour definitely check it out. You won't be disappointed.

How would you describe Show & Tour?

Hector De Santiago: If I had to describe show and tour in three words, it would be premium professional and our secret weapon.

Why is Show & Tour unique?

Hector De Santiago: What set show and tour apart from other services is how user friendly it is, it's pretty user friendly and also the minimalistic look. Some of these other services that are similar, have a little bit of an outdated look, at least in my opinion. Show and tour is a more modern, clean, minimalistic look, you know, like I would say, like, you know, in the Apple realm, how Apple does things and um yeah, that and how, how seamless and easy it is also for the in client. And so I love how we're able to organize, you know, most of our back end with our clients with show on tours. And I love that, you know, how easily it elevates, you know, our look and back end without even trying if that makes sense.

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