Elad Elkoubi

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elad Elkoubi, swift-pix.com

How has Show & Tour helped your business?

Elad Elkoubi: Hi, everybody. This is Elad from Swift Pix How Show & Tour helped me in my business is tremendous. We had a lot of issues collecting payments from clients, organizing all the files, Show & Tour made us have guaranteed payment before delivering the pictures. Everything is on point. We have zero delays. Everybody is happy with the portal. It looks amazing. We are getting a lot of great feedback from everybody.

How would you describe Show & Tour in three words?

Elad Elkoubi: How do I describe showing two and three words? Simply the best.

How is Show & Tour different from others?

Elad Elkoubi: The customer service from Josh and the team is incredible and also the unlimited uploads is super necessary for us.

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