Chris Kivi

January 08, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Chris Kivi , Chris Kivi's RealtyPix360

Why do you use show & Tour?

Chris Kivi : Hey, I'm Chris and Show & Tour for sure. Helps me with some of my real estate agents who are a little bit reluctant to some of the new technology and some of the other websites like drop box, et cetera are really difficult. Um But when I'm done the job, I can upload everything to show & tour and then hit the send button. The agent gets a really easy email that says, hey, everything's ready. Click here, they click the button and then they get a website that opens up, they can see all the image, but there's a big button right there that says download now and everything is so easy for them. And I have a couple of agents for that. Really enjoy the simplicity of the deliverable option for show and tour.

How would you describe Show & Tour in three words?

Chris Kivi : So, in three words, how would I describe show and tour? Simple, easy content delivery. It's easy.

Why is Show & Tour unique?

Chris Kivi : I would say it's very easy to say. There are a lot of reasons why show and tour really stands out from a lot of other of the content delivery systems that real estate photographers like myself use. Number one is cost. There really is not a cheap for implementation of a delivery system that looks amazingly professional and that gives you so many built in options, really dollar for dollar. I don't think you can really come to any conclusion that you can find anything really less expensive with more features. The fact that you're not paying 23 times as much for this service is a little um incredible and just justifies why I'm still with this company because they believe in the mission and not just about making money. And that's helping real estate professional photographers like myself, create and deliver content to their clients in the most simplistic way and also have the ability to give them uh add-on add-ons like property websites, which are value added ingredients that help create instant results success online. They can share their property sites or they can add the unbranded media player to their LLS listing and have a virtual tour button, show up on their listing and make their listing stand out and get more people come to them and visit the website. Uh I mean, see the photos and explore the listing a little bit deeper. That's what it's really all about engagement. And that is also what show tour gives you is a high level engagement that is capable between the photographer and the client and the actual end user. Who's the buyer online, who's gonna see this content. And that's who I create this for.

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