ShoutMeLoud Review- Jesse Lakes Of Genius

June 06, 2022

ShoutMeLoud Review- Jesse Lakes Of Genius

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jesse Lakes

How did you get to know about ShoutMeLoud? Could you describe a time that ShoutMeLoud helped you?

Jesse Lakes: We first came across to ShoutMeLoud when Harsh signed up to be a client of our Genius link (Geni.us) which localizes the amazon affiliate links. Um, I got to know Harsh a bit better when we met up in person affiliate Summit West. And one of the ways that ours has really helped connect me is just just to help me out is really just helping me connect to the greater, greater audience, especially India based affiliate marketers. He's been great to help connect there.

2. How would you describe ShoutMeLoud in three words?

Jesse Lakes: Three words to describe ShoutMeLoud would just be complete affiliate resource.

Would you recommend ShoutMeLoud to others? If yes, Why?

Jesse Lakes: I would absolutely recommend ShoutMeLoud to other affiliate marketers Harsh has done, an incredible job creating content, writing great articles and just being an authority in the space.

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