zuhair Sharif for Customer Testimonial Videos

June 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: zuhair Sharif

How did you get to know about ShoutMeLoud? Could you describe a time that ShoutMeLoud helped you?

zuhair Sharif: Me and harsh. We go way back. I remember he was mentioned one of Neil Patel's articles. And since then, I've been visiting his website for anything related to SEO, affiliate marketing, digital marketing, PPC. There's so much content on his website that I take help from.

2. Tell us about you

zuhair Sharif: My name is Zuhair and I have started as a content writer and I moved to SEO Citizen. I'm doing everything. I have done SEO for multinational companies for Silicon Valley based starteup. And now I'm doing my own projects. I have like three projects going on.

Would you recommend ShoutMeLoud to others? If yes, Why?

zuhair Sharif: I would recommend every beginner and even an expert to visit ShoutMeLoud for any kind of, you know, problem, especially when you're stuck and you don't know what to do. You could even comment on any of the articles and Harsh is kind enough to reply on those comments.

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