Matt & Christina Murphy Video Testimonial

November 19, 2021

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Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Murphy

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

Matt Murphy : everybody. It's charlie here at Short Raymond forward here in the fall of Tennessee. I'm here with matt and Christina. Miss Christina, they have just purchased a vehicle from us here. Short Raymond Ford guys, we want just your honest opinion. How was it here? Because we know that when you go buy a car you probably have a game plan expecting some tricks to be pulled, uh, some shenanigans, a lot of pressure. How do you feel here at short running for overall, good experience and a 3.5 hours a traffic jam? Always? Yeah, it's been a good experience. So you may drive where you live at uh, Cincinnati, Cincinnati. Okay, so you're looking around online, solve vehicles you're interested in. Uh, you contacted the salesman and take it from there. They help you on the phone. Yeah, jeremy, you're tell him the whole time and while cutting up a deer at home and taking care of kids because I talked to him one time, I think matt had one baby and doing homework and so so you called didn't know what to expect. He was able to walk through the process. Got you to drive here. What do you think when you got here? A short rib, a little small town dealership on the hill? Yeah, in the mountains behind us. We, we didn't lie. Uh, so you come in how it's treated here. Great, great. I mean it's just like an old friend, you know, Cool man. We appreciate your business. We won't hold up anymore of your time. Uh, thank you very much for your purchase man. Each one means a lot to us. So, uh guys, if we can help you any at all, you'd be like these folks here maybe drive 3, 3.5 hours, maybe 30 minutes for some of you come check us out. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy from us. But we're here to help campsite is here a short reading forward and follow Tennessee.

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