Martha Mansell Video Testimonial!!

November 09, 2021

Because Martha shot this video she is entered to win a Chance to Win $1000.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Martha Mansell

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

Martha Mansell: Hi everybody. I'm at Short Redmond Ford in LaFollette with Mike Wilcox, my salesman, he's fabulous. Um, and I'm really, really happy because I just bought my shuttle bus. I've been looking for something big enough where if somebody hits me, I don't get hurt. And so I can play and turn it into an RV. And I've been searching and searching and I called here and he talked to me and he told me all about it and I came out And I am so much in love and this is my shuttle bus. It's an E 350 and it's just the right size so I fit in a parking space. Mhm And I have the handicapped doors. I'm turning it into an RV. So that way when I retire I can go and hit all the different national parks. And Mike was the one that helped me tremendously. If you need help, come see him, they call him willy because his last name's Wilcox and everyone here was great. The entire team and this is mike, come see me down a short reading forward. Thank you all so much. You have a great day. Bye!

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