John and Trish Ricketts

November 20, 2021

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Video Transcript

Speaker: John and Trisha ricketts

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

John and Trisha ricketts: everybody is charlie here, Short Raymond Ford and my follow Tennessee again, I'm here with Miss Tricia and mr john all the way from Lexington Kentucky, is that right? So what got you guys interesting coming a short reading forward. Well we've been looking for hundreds of it for a while now and it's all this been advertised. So we take the three hour drive and come, take a look. So what about, uh, I know we get a lot of different customers are different states. Uh, what was your expectations when you came here? Were you expecting maybe uh, a little part of it to be rough? I was expecting a smooth sailing. What do you think when you, I know a lot of people when they visit car dealerships. Right man, I hate to go car shopping because of sales people can be so pushy. Uh, what do you think about that here? Well, I think, I think that uh, with jeremy doing the video walk around before we even got here and sending this paperwork before we even got here really help the process along and it and it felt very smooth when we got here. Good. So that's something that we take pride in because we want, when you come here want to be, you know, we want to get what you want me, we want all the information to you before you get here. So your process here is not wealthy and it's good and smooth. So it sounds like that video really helped you all really did, especially since we drove to get here. We didn't want to get here and think, oh, that's not what we wanted in that. In that video. Sometimes dealerships misrepresent the car. How do you think we did? As far as I think it was an accurate representation and why that's important too. We had been to another dealership and drove along while we got there and what the windshield was cracked, the side mirrors were broken. Yeah, if we had known that obviously. So mainly that's why we got these testimonials from you guys and I can touch for the video store. We just want the truth, right? Uh, we know that ought to do our ships out there and do that kind of stuff and we get grouped in with them. So that's why we're doing these videos because we want the guys and gals at home that are watching us to know that Hey, you really can come here and make your own decision is what we say. So it is overall Jeremy do a good job for you. Jeremy was excellent. All right. Have you had fun while you're here? Absolutely! Y'all excited about hitting the gong. Uh, thank you all so much for your purchase. Uh, guys, come see us here shortly before where 1916 Jacksboro pike in the heart of the thought? Tennessee, Come see us, Give us a try if you don't mind because you can always go somewhere else becomes this, where the deals are always real

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