Jason Dean

December 03, 2021

Jason Dean's Video Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason Dean

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

Jason Dean: Hey everybody. It's Jason here at Short Redmond and when Jason Dean, he came all the way up here from McKenzie Alabama to get his best deal on this. Really nice 2005 GMC Sierra drove all the way up early this morning. Jason, tell us a little bit about your experience here at this dealership. Yeah, I think good the price wanted Jason to sell, man gave me a good deal on and everything. Help me out and always he went to uh, the one on my own for me to help you out. Only getting his truck and everything else about getting cricket. This deal right here, He's a good showman. I recommend him to everybody. Thank you very much, Jason y'all check this out. So he drove all the way up here this morning in his Corvette. We made the deal on truck and he went and got a U haul car hauler and he's towing it back to Alabama with him. That is dedication right there, 6.5 hour drive. I wish him the best y'all come see me for the best deals

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