Cindy Spicer's Video Testimonial

November 26, 2021

Cindy Spicer's Video Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cindy Spicer

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

Cindy Spicer: It's brian from short, right before I got my friends into here, Cindy just bought a brand new to her Honda Civic. So Cindy, how was the experience here that will treat you okay? Toyota camera. So you bought a camera? How was your experience here? Good willie treat you All right. He's a good guy, Really treat you guys and you spent some time here, but I know we worked with you um, and was everything taken care of the best that we could be great. Hey, would you be likely to refer your friends and family here? Yeah. Alright guys, do you like somebody did come check us out too soon. Thanks.

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