Bryson Bryant

December 08, 2021

Bryson Bryant talks about his experience with Short Redmond Ford

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bryson Bryant

Tell us about your experience with Short Redmond Ford AND your salesperson. Make sure to show the vehicle you purchased. MOST CREATIVE WINS

Bryson Bryant: Hey everybody. It's Jason here. I got my buddy bryce in here. He just purchased a really nice 2015 to 50 layer. It bryson, Tell us about your experience here. Short running. 4th came in, not really expecting to trade my truck and it's gonna sell it, but ended up getting this beautiful thing. That's exactly what I wanted. I got a very good deal on it actually better than what I was coming here for, expecting worked out good and I like it. I like it a lot how you feel like you were triggered here, brother. It was pretty good, offered snacks and drinks, water, all kinds of stuff. I didn't have any complaints. Never really worked before dealership and I didn't have any complaints about them. We appreciate that, BRyson. I hope you enjoy your new truck. I sure will.

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