Patrick Sweeney from Fluent for She+ Geeks Out Video Testimonials

September 08, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Patrick Sweeney, VP, People, Fluent

Could you share what you were looking for when hiring someone to support your DEI efforts?

Patrick Sweeney: All I can say is thank you to the She Geeks Out team. We've partnered with She Geeks Out for around five years. And all I can say is you have been a true extension of our HR team. You have been experts in the ever changing landscape of DEI. You've created a safe space for our internal team to learn and ask questions. You have been amazing partners to tailor trainings to our organizational needs. And I truly cannot thank you all enough. You bring your expertise and energy and passion to every training session that you offer and truly, I've learned so much and look forward to partnering with you all in the future. Thank you.

What do you think makes She+ Geeks Out different?

Patrick Sweeney: One way that She Geeks Out stands apart from other external DEI trainers is that they have amazing facilitators who are truly experts in this domain. They are incredible. They meet you where you and your organization are and create a safe space for you to grow beyond where you currently are today.

Can you share what the impact has been based on the workshops?

Patrick Sweeney: One takeaway that I have from every single She Geeks Out training is that the work isn't about the workshop, it's about the conversations and the learning that happens actually after the workshop, right, getting the information out there is so important. But creating that space for self reflection and having the opportunity to practice something new is where people learn, grow. And that's really where you see the impact of these sessions.

What was your experience with the SGO team? From the facilitators to the operations?

Patrick Sweeney: End to end, I can't say enough about the entire She Geeks Out team, everyone from people who are helping to coordinate the sessions to ensuring that it is a smooth seamless training. The facilitators, Truly, everyone on this team is incredible, which is why we've repeatedly partnered with this organization.

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