Ana Foley from Broad Institute for She+ Geeks Out Video Testimonials

September 12, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ana Foley, Associate Director, Broad Institute

Could you share what you were looking for when hiring someone to support your DEI efforts?

Ana Foley: When looking to hire someone to support DEI efforts. I think there are a number of things that we look for. Number one would be expertise and experience. We're looking for a consultant with a track record in the field, someone who has relevant work experience with organizations of the same size. The next thing that is important is a customized approach. So we have a larger culture here, but there's also individual teams and so an organization that can give a tailored approach to our specific needs is important as well. The last thing we look for is an organization or a group that is data driven, working in the research space. It's important that we have the ability to gather and analyze relevant data to make sure we're able to track our progress over time.

What do you think makes She+ Geeks Out different?

Ana Foley: There are a number of things that make She Geeks Out different. Number one would be the collaborative approach. So whenever we bring a project or an initiative to she geeks out, the team is able to really work with us to build and facilitate something that fits the group. It definitely feels like it is a group of facilitators working with us in order to build something that will benefit the team. The number two thing that I think makes She Geeks Out different would be the level of training and education. We've been able to utilize a number of trainings and workshops for our employees. But the entry point with She Geeks Out makes accessible to employees at all levels. The workshops that she geeks out provides are engaging, informative, and they really promote long term awareness and behavior change as well. The last thing I think that makes She Geeks Out different is really their innovative approach. So in our work together, they're able to identify creative strategies and adapt to overwhelming scenarios. We've had engagements that have changed midstream and their ability to be flexible and to adapt on the fly has been incredibly important to the work that we do.

Can you share what the impact has been based on the workshops?

Ana Foley: Our work with She Geeks Out has tremendously impacted our organization over the years. They've really provided a lasting impact that has been felt way beyond our initial engagement, we knew that fostering a more inclusive and equitable workspace was a critical goal and She Geeks Out not only helped us achieve this goal, but also empowered us to sustain and build these changes in the long term. They provided really thoughtful assessments and tailored strategies and provided a safe space to facilitate open dialogue in what is really a challenging and difficult topic at hand. The training sessions that they conducted were much more than just learning experiences. They were a catalyst for not only personal transformation but organizational transformation as well. I think the thing that stands out the most is the sustainable DEI strategy that they provide. So She Geeks Out is able to deliver not just a checklist of things that complete but ways to impact the work into the culture. So whether it's metrics to keep in mind beforehand, surveys, following or additional reading, there is a long term sustainable initiative to transform the culture.

What was your experience with the SGO team? From the facilitators to the operations?

Ana Foley: It's truly hard to capture the benefits of working with She Geeks Out. I've had a remarkable experience from the very beginning. It was clear that the facilitators were passionate and had a deep knowledge of DEI principles. And I think it is their passion along with their knowledge that has made for a truly transformative partnership. I think their honesty and their open conversations are a true gift. And I think one of the most remarkable aspects of the team is their emphasis on sustainability. There is not a quick fix to do this kind of lasting work. The team has really helped us think through measurable DEI initiatives that allow us to track our progress over time. When I look back at my journey with, She Geeks Out, I am filled with gratitude for their guidance, for their expertise. And I look forward to caring for the lessons that they have given us throughout the rest of the organization. They are a fantastic champion of this work and have really helped our organization build a foundation.

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