Jessica Cronkhite for Customer Testimonial Videos

August 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jessica Cronkhite

What do you love about Share?

Jessica Cronkhite: Hi, I'm Jessica. I live in New York City. I really love Share because of how simple it is to use. Uh, I am someone who's tried to use Robinhood in the past and I don't have a lot of knowledge transparently, um, about investing. And so I felt very overwhelmed by all of the options. Um, I feel like there's a lot I just didn't understand in the app. So I was really looking for something that was really easy to invest in straightforward and that's why I decided to share. I love all the different strategies that we're able to use. Um, I love the use of emojis. It seems really fun. Um, I love checking the app every morning to see what my stocks are at. Uh, it's really, I, uh, simple to use and the fact that it's able to take out money out of your account on just a weekly basis. So it seems really simple to use. I don't have to do it on a recurring basis through my bank. It just does it for me. Um, yeah, so I really love using it. Yeah.

What's your favorite strategy and why?

Jessica Cronkhite: My favorite strategy right now is definitely renewables. Um Obviously, there's a huge focus in the world on renewable energy uh and how sustainable we're being. So, that's definitely by far my favorite current strategy, although I'll give a shout out to Long Pelosi, I really do love the nail emoji, one of my favorite emojis to use. And I do think it's hilarious that you're able to invest in the same strategies that Nancy Pelosi is investing in. So definitely a close second.

What 3 adjectives would you use to describe Share?

Jessica Cronkhite: I would describe Share as being really simple to use really straightforward, really fun. Uh which is funny to say about an app that's for investing and then definitely practical. Um Something that everyone should be doing is investing so glad to have an app that's both fun and really practical.

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