Jalen Nelson, Demand Gen at CloudTask, for ServiceBell

February 21, 2024

ServiceBell review from demand generation and ABM expert Jalen Nelson of CloudTask.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jalen Nelson, Cloudtask

Tell the story of why you bought ServiceBell. What were the main problems/needs you solved? What can you do that you couldn't before?

Jalen Nelson: Hey, I'm Jalen head of demand generation here at CloudTask marketplace. I got ServiceBell because, well, our CEO Amir, just, he was like, hey, check this out, see if you like it. and tell me if you think we should use it. Well, when I saw what ServiceBell was, and I saw that it gave me the ability and it gave our team the ability to communicate directly with website visitors. You know, a light bulb went off. Because just about anyone who's looking to buy from you is going to check your website first. And so being able to communicate with that person to me is the equivalent of being able to communicate with someone who walks into your store. You know, if, if you were to own, if you were, if you were running some sort of store, you want customer service people talking to buyers when they come in, seeing if they can help them. And ServiceBell allows us to do just that. The ROI has been incredible since having it. I've been able to answer questions directly. We've been able to include it into our process and hook it up directly to our Hubspot. We've been able to use it to identify website visitors, which is something that we weren't doing before. And so that has helped with our ABM strategy, our multichannel marketing and it's, it's been incredibly beneficial. So I advocate for ServiceBell I actively talk about it if you, if you see my LinkedIn and if anyone's watching this I would suggest you try out ServiceBell too. So, thanks.

Why is ServiceBell different from other tools or approaches you've used in the past? What is your favorite thing about ServiceBell?

Jalen Nelson: I think what makes ServiceBell, different is that it's just, I feel like it's more geared toward providing great customer service. It's intuitive to use. And it's, I feel like it's friendly for website visitors while at the same time, it also provides the data. we need as an organization. My favorite thing about it is that I can track what's coming on to the website. Right? I can export a list and I can enrich that list and I can have that list of people that I know are visiting our website and, you know, that's incredible for our marketing efforts.

How would you describe ServiceBell to someone with your title in a different company?

Jalen Nelson: To all demand generation managers or demand gen or heads of demand generation, demand generation leaders. I would say ServiceBell is it is the connection that you need between customer success, customer support, customer success and lead generation like it's I say it's like that it's like the perfect thing right there in the middle to tie together your demand generation efforts. So you can track who's coming in and who's saying what and you're able to create a better process through it. So, I mean, that's, that's the best way for me to describe ServiceBell to someone who's just like me.

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