How The Serenity Dojo Is Helping Osama Become A World Class Test Automation Engineer

May 18, 2023

The Serenity Dojo is helping Osama become a top class Test Automation Engineer. He loves learning under John's training and mentorship, in particular his availabiliy and practical approach to teaching

Video Transcript

What kind of challenges did you face before working with John?

Hi everyone. This is Osama from Pakistan. I'm working in the Devigital Systems as a principal software automation engineer and I have over 13 years of experience in software industry. I have worked in both manual and automation testing in different companies and on different tools. I have joined the Serenity Dojo program a month back. UAnd my, my goal was to become a top quality software test automation engineer. Throughout my career, I learned a lot from different people over the internet, on different platforms uh like Udemy and Youtube and other, other platforms like that. But always something was missing for me related to learning, like mentorship from a world class person who can guide me out and who can improve my work to be a better automation engineer. So I was, I was searching out someone who can, who can teach me who can uh mentor me in this field since long. So I connected with John over there on linkedin after watching his different videos over over different topics. And I really liked his work on different topics and especially on the Behavior Driven Development. Uh So actually his way of teaching is much more different than an ordinary trainer. So he's must focus on making an ordinary software tester like me to a next level top class software tester. Actually his, basically his courses cover each and every topic on software testing and methodology. And he's following the best practices by which a person can be able to improve his skills in every aspect in on every topic uh related to software testing. So he's, he's basically more practical rather than a theory guy. And he follows the latest standards of software industries which, which are followed uh the best companies over the world. So the best thing, actually, the best thing I like about him and his team is the way of teaching and also the availability. So he's always available to help you out wherever you are stuck. And he will guide you practically on any topic with the software test automation. And even though in manual testing, so I have, I hope I will learn a lot in his mentorship and would be able to make myself a top quality software test engineer under his mentorship. So I suggest everyone to join his program. If someone wants to be a top quality software test engineer, uh So that's from, uh, me. Uh, thank you.

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