Serenity Dojo Story - Manuel Paez

June 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Manuel Paez, Senior QA Engineer

What kind of challenges did you face before working with John?

Manuel Paez: OK, so what kind of challenges did I face before working with John? All right. I think that as a manual QE engineer, you get the chance to experience different automation scenarios. And basically, one of the main issues that you can come across with is basically buying tutorials and basically courses that you start. but you never finish, right? And is is it becomes a little bit difficult to keep up with the courses material if you don't have anyone that can actually guide you through the entire process. So that is actually one of the issues I faced um while doing self a study, right? Basically, that issue is something that perhaps a lot of people struggle with and is being able to self-study. And if you perhaps have a question, you don't have anyone to to ask that specific question and you, you can actually get stuck really, really easy. So that is of course, one of the main challenges I faced before taking the [Serenity Dojo] course

How has working with John helped you become a better test automation engineer?

Manuel Paez: So it has helped a lot, basically getting into the course taught me a lot of things about automation and basically how to structure automation. I didn't know anything about or any BDD before jumping into the course or prior to, to even signing up. So I think that helped me a lot in basically just getting the the foundations of automation, right? So to build an automation framework from scratch, how do you actually want to map your requirements, illustrate them and then create these requirements and automate them, right? And actually arrange everything in folders, page objects, right? So basically, the simplest structure that John uses is very easy to follow, right? Because it allows you to jump into a specific section of, for example, you want to work on a project. And so you say most of us actually ask ourselves, how do I start automating this uh framework, right? How do I start automating this specific project? So John can give you the tips and basically the steps that you need to follow. So, so you will build your automation framework from scratch and you automate your task cases and basically you start from there, right? So it's very, it's very useful for you to get that kind of assistance, right? And also it helps you getting a higher site or a better insight about what automation is, right? What are the best practices? What is actually something that you should do, what you shouldn't do when automating? Right. So, I really, think that John is, is a great professional and he knows pretty much all the tips that you need so you can get into automation faster and better.

What sets John's Serenity Dojo program apart from other test automation training programs you have experienced?

Manuel Paez: So to start with. Um I haven't actually took any automation programs prior to Serenity Dojo John's program per se. I did try several courses. Java courses, Selenium courses side various courses, javascript courses. And I believe that what makes Serenity Dojo I think better than these specific courses is first the guidance that you get throughout all of your experience in the course, right? I took the six month program and basically throughout these six months, you get all the assistance you need, you can actually book a coaching call in case you're stuck in a certain point of a challenge or something like that or if you have any question and that is something you don't have really. when you jump into. for example, if you go to and you get a curse, you start doing the courses and if you have any questions, you will need to pose a question to that to the course. Main person who is basically the one that is going to provide you with the answer, but you never get a face to face interaction with this person. So it's, it's really difficult for you to progress without having this interaction. I also believe that the live sessions are really inspiring and basically just these live coding sessions will allow you to get the fluent the fluency you need. So you can actually start typing coding your automation scripts and, and working with Serenity BDD with a convert, right? With Selenium and, and, and pretty much everything related to automation itself and building frameworks. So those are the things that I really recommend about the curse about Serenity Dojo program. Because you get that guidance and basically the people involved in the program can help each other in the community, right? If I for example, have an answer to a specific question you might have I can write in this and I can actually just help you with that, right? So yes, I do appreciate uh pretty much everything the course has to offer and I would definitely recommend it.

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