Abdul Majid Tahir-Akinyele's Serenity Dojo Story

July 03, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abdul Majid Tahir-Akinyele, Sr. Test Automation Engineer

What kind of challenges did you face before working with John?

Abdul Majid Tahir-Akinyele: Hi, my name is Abdul. Before joining the Serenity Dojo program, I was faced with a lot of challenges at work and some of the challenges I had was, 1) setting up the framework environment, 2) the best way of identifying the web elements, 3) choosing the right design pattern. And finally four structuring the framework and the project for better maintenance of the code.

How has working with John helped you become a better test automation engineer?

Abdul Majid Tahir-Akinyele: Working with John has really helped me to become a better web test automation engineer. During the program, John takes his time to explain in detail how best to use the Serenity BDD framework.

What sets John's Serenity Dojo program apart from other test automation training programs you have experienced?

Abdul Majid Tahir-Akinyele: John's Serenity Dojo program sets itself apart from other automation training programs that have been on. John'ss program uses the Screenplay pattern which is totally different from the Page Object model pattern that I am used to. Once you enroll in John's program, you immediately see the difference and you immediately realize that you don't have to do a lot of coding that we normally do in the using the page object design pattern with John's program. You only need to do 50% programming and it allows new manual testers to come up to speed with the with the Serenity Dojo [learning] framework.

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