August 15, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tom, Marketing Director @ Cuvama

How has Proreach helped you?

Tom: Pro which has really helped us set up and scale our outbound motions. We were previously using email, which I believe is a dying channel. prospects don't like to be spanned on email anymore. with inboxes getting full and ProReach™ has helped us move to a channel like Linkedin, which prospects are much more willing to engage and allow us to do it at a scale in the last 6-7 months since we've been using it, we've generated around 200 leads.

What do you like most about ProReach and working with Mike & the ProReach team?

Tom: Mike has been fantastic and his team, they've really helped us set up on ProReach™ and really get the most from the tool. You know, Mike's experience is phenomenal in, in really optimizing how you engage with someone on LinkedIn and how you get the most responses. So they've been really helpful in, in allowing us to really get up and running and scale on ProReach™ .

Would you recommend ProReach to others and why?

Tom: So I would 100% recommend ProReach™, ProReach™ is a tool that has allowed us to really move to a channel where we're seeing great results and do it in an automated way at scale. You know, there is no other tool that I found. Um other than ProReach™ , it allows you to do LinkedIn messaging LinkedIn engagement at this level and at this scale so it's fantastic.

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