Gone West Shop

August 18, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Federica

How has Proreach helped you?

Federica: ProReach was really helpful to expand a network of people that I was working with and to create new connection that they were target. And Mike was great to take me through the process, step by step and he was always very available for every doubt and he was very kind and, and really helping me to do better.

What do you like most about ProReach and working with Mike & the ProReach team?

Federica: I really like that ProReach was organized in a way that was really intuitive for everyone and it was really user friendly. and it was easy to use and working with Mike was great. Mike was very patient and very kind

Would you recommend ProReach to others and why?

Federica: I would definitely recommend ProReach to everyone that is looking for expanded network. And it really helps to create a new connection that they are target-ised based on your preference. And yeah, it's a great software and Mike is a great person to work with and you can learn so much from.

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