Nick Disney for Testimonial Video ROI

June 30, 2021

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nick Disney, Owner, Sell My San Antonio House

Nick Disney: Testimonial videos are important in my industry, because they allow our potential clients to hear directly from previous clients about what their experience was like working with us. What the issue was that we were able to solve, and we often hear that, "Well I watched this testimonial and I was really able to relate to that person. And that's why I called you."

How do you use testimonial videos at your company?

Nick Disney: We use testimonial videos in a few different places. We have a few on the homepage of the website. We also have them on a review section on the website. So there's some written reviews but then also there's video testimonials in there, and then the other place that we use them a lot is on social media. So if we get a video testimonial then we'll put it out on the different social media platforms so that when somebody is researching the company, they find us on social, maybe they find us on the web. But then they also you know, they're always going to get the opportunity to hear from some of our previous clients.

What’s the ROI of customer testimonial videos, and how do you measure it?

Nick Disney: The return on investment for our customer testimonials - it's really two things. We know since we started putting them in different spots on the website that people stay on the page longer because they watched the videos. But the biggest return comes from, we consistently get new clients that call us and tell us, Hey, I watched this video and they'll name the person that was in the video and say, "I can really relate to them. And that's why I called you all and I'd like to see how you can help me out." So new customers have definitely come from new video testimonials.

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