Hackathon 2023 JD Creation Challenges

March 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speakers: Ed, Head of Customer Advocacy . . Christina Vidauri, Recruiting . Michelle Abram, Principal Software Engineering Manager

How do you start writing a job description?

Christina Vidauri: I start writing job descriptions by looking first at my own repository of job descriptions, which here at seek out we keep in greenhouse. I also, if it's a job we have not hired for previously will just google for current openings on the Internet.

Ed: Typically the job description starts with template, things like the employee value proposition and company benefits don't often change from team

What kinds of challenges do you have?

Christina Vidauri: The challenges I have in writing a job description are often... I hire for roles that I've never personally done, and so I may have a high

Ed: expertise in the area that you're working in. So you're relying on on hiring managers, maybe an HR business partner, maybe other people on the team. Um And they're gonna have their own laundry list of what they're looking for, but that isn't necessarily feasible to find as part of a search. So being able to interview people and

Michelle Abram: You will have somebody who asks for a skill and then asks for more experience in that skill, then the technology has even existed. So you do actually have to make the point of really knowing about each skill that you're putting into your requirements for the job and what is reasonable to ask. So making certain that what you're

and move on. And there is the whole issue of avoiding gender bias, which can be super tricky. You want to make sure that your description is gender neutral and doesn't exclude anyone from applying

Michelle Abram: There won't be terms like a rock star or even to speak specifically of a very strong leader

What tools do you use?

Christina Vidauri: Here at SeekOut we don't use any third party tools to craft job descriptions. We mostly use templates that we have

Ed: Um I'm not aware of any tools that I would regularly use are heavily used in the industry.

It's a lot to handle. But luckily we have a I tools like right now like chatGPT that can help streamline the process, integrating these tools into the system, hiring managers already using. It would be a game changer.

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